Split 7" with Vaccine

by Coke Bust

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This was our first time ever recording with our new guitar player, James, in the band. The entire song writing and recording session was truly a breeze with him. This record was by far the most "collaborative" effort and I think it shows as this is (IMO) the strongest Coke Bust recorded material yet. We were approached by Vaccine a year prior in the summer of 2011 about doing a split 7". We were fresh off of Degradation and thought it would be a cool idea to do a split with a like-minded but also somewhat different band. Vaccine made total sense and fit that mission. Refuse Records in Europe was an obvious choice, having already worked on the Degradation EP together. Grave Mistake was hesitant about taking on a split 7" of any kind (hey, lots of people don't like the format... it's cool), but Drugged Conscience was eager to take on the project. Chris Donaldson had been a friend for years so it just made sense working with him. This record came out just in time (down to the last day, actually) for our six week European tour. We sold a million of these things on the road. The two versions have different artwork.

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released January 1, 2013

Nicktape - Vocals
James Willett - Guitar
Jubert - Bass
Chris Moore - Drums



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Coke Bust Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: Pain and Suffering
Slaves to dependency and passed down the family
Hatred, addiction, depression and anxiety.
Glossy ads, six pack abs, perfect smiles and tight waist lines.
When the pain exceeds the sum of the parts,
Where do you turn and what do you do?
Pain and suffering
Fucking corpses left to rot
Kept in captivity and counting the days
In the overcrowded streets and in the overcrowded trains
You’re spiraling down and losing in the rat race
Once you slow you will quickly be replaced.
When the pain exceeds the sum of the parts
Where do you turn and what do you do?
Pain and suffering
Track Name: Permanent Mission
If you believe in freedom you wouldn't support killing women and children no matter where they live.
If you support the troops, you won't send them off to die in a war.
Spending billions of dollars spreading democracy all around the globe and we can't feed our own poor.
We have piles of problems; we have needs of our own and struggles… without going offshore.
A permanent mission that started with vengeance and hatred still lacks an objective.
There's even more violence and we've angered our enemies. This war has been ineffective.
So what the fuck are we doing and better yet tell me what the fuck have done. In fear of attack,
We've made an institution, and created a culture of imperialism …and they can’t take it back.
Cheap lives, cheap gas. War economy, got to renew the contracts.
Keep going, don't stop. Not just Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.
Keep going, don't stop. 3,000 dead and I know you never forgot.
Track Name: Empty Void
You aren't content and you're just passing time
And you aren't getting rich off their bottom line.
Life is empty so you fill it with shit:
Alcohol, silicone, Botox and plastic.
Meaningless life in an empty void.
Perpetually unhappy and it only gets to be worse
Dependency on excess is your fucking curse
We're destroying our bodies and numbing our minds
Destroying the environment, destroying our lives
Meaningless life in an empty void
But we're drowning in excess and we're running for more
And we're trapped in this misery and we don't know what for.
I'ts an empty void. A fucking empty void and it's no way to live.
I got to break out, we got to break out.
We got to break free from this empty fucking void.
Track Name: Social Currency
Grouped together rated down
Social worth gets organized.
Put in classes, looked at closely
Under a lens and scrutinized.
I want no place in any of this world.
Taking up energy, wasting our time.
Dogs eating dogs, in stiff competition.
Lacking perspective and all ego driven.
Opt out.
Ego driven ants on an over-sized fucking rock.