by Coke Bust

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We originally started writing songs for a split 7" that was supposed to come out with IN DISGUST. Soon after the writing process for that split was complete we got word that they were going to be calling it quits. So, we wrote a handful of more songs and had the rest of what are now the Degradation songs, as well as the song "Time Theft" which we opted to put on the Short Fast and Loud #24 zine 10" comp. We Omitted that song from this cluster because we felt that it didn't flow as well with these. These songs took us about a year to write after we got home from the US tour with Sick Fix in the Summer of 2009. We recorded them in Baltimore with Kevin Bernstein and Developing Nations studios. We told Kevin that we wanted this record to sound even more gnarly and blown out than the LP, and he suggested that we record using a reel to reel machine that he was planning on buying off one of his friends. So all the drums, guitars and bass were recorded analog and then individually dumped into pro-tools. The vocals were done digitally. This is probably our favorite recording, and we were completely sold on Kevin after this effort. After it was recorded in July, it took a long time to finally get mixed and sent to Poland for Refuse Records to put it out. We were trying to have these out in time for our European tour in the following October. Thankfully, the records were mastered, pressed, and sent to our first show in Amsterdam just in time. Refuse put out the first batch of these in Europe, and then Grave Mistake Pressed them in early 2011 for US distribution. The two records have different cover designs, but the music is the same. We didn't mean to make things confusing.... it just kind of happened!

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released January 1, 2011

Nicktape - Vocals
Jeremy Evans - Guitar
Jubert - Bass
Chris Moore - Drums



all rights reserved


Coke Bust Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: Another Fucking Problem
Work, death, bills, debt, time, life, stress. Fuck, when will it end? I am just a simple man. I do everything I can to keep the peace, make ends meet, make it work, make you see. Stability, health, future, fights. Done it all clean, obeyed all their rules. I try my best but I still seem to lose. I'm in over my head, and I can't seem to solve them. Just another fucking problem.
Track Name: Long Gone
Been quiet for so long and now it's adding up. You try to cope but it's just too tough. All of us should have seen this coming. All of us should have been prepared. Long gone after building your wall and you're long gone from distancing yourself. You need to understand that you aren't alone. A lot of us have been through this ourselves. We're reaching out but you don't listen. We try to talk but you shut us out. We're not here to blame, we're here to help and it's no fucking use. You're throwing it away and losing your life. You're prepared to say "fuck it" and pay the ultimate price. Take a look at yourself, take a look at what's real. You have all this support. You're lying to yourself if you think everything's fine. You refuse to be helped and you ignore all the signs.
Track Name: Keep Out
Vision's blurred, excitement thrills - in your face and up your nose. Classy enough, give and take another line of the blow. Violence and death caused by the trade; pay for it and there's blood on your hands. Keep out. Unregulated capitalism in all of its glory and you stumble to meet its demands. You never questioned what you do. You're having fun and it keeps you loose. You hit your peak- it keeps you idle. Go ahead, what's your excuse? You bought in and paid for their ploys. These giants profit off your demise. Keep out. Destroying your friends and fucking your families and you buy and you buy and you buy?! Keep out with that fucking shit. It keeps you useless, keeps you in a bind. You stumble across the floor and have a stone for your mind.
Track Name: Degradation
People over people and fictitious kings. Calling all the shots, pulling all the strings. On the median in the heat, begging for change and sleeping in the streets. Put on a stage and verbally abused, put in a costume while he feeds them their food. Degradation - how we cope. Degradation - we pass it along. Degradation - how we react. The war of the classes and the lines have been drawn. Degrade. Painfully losing while you assert your dominance. Bleeding and bruising while you flash your dominance. Degrade.
Track Name: No Authority
Preaching and scolding and judging when you come around. You feed us your borrowed rhetoric and try your best to fucking wash it down. Who are you? You come from outside and have no fucking relevance. Your involvement extends as far as your control of this. Your rules, our scene and you call it unity? This is ours, we don't need no authority.
Track Name: Deathbed
And when your time is through, and you're forced to face your thoughts will you look back with regret at everything you've done? And when your time is done... would you do it again? Tell me how you would feel. Would you take it back?