Lines in the Sand

by Coke Bust

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We started writing these songs directly after the "Fuck Bar Culture" EP came out in 2007. In the process, we would write a bunch of songs and then cut the ones we weren't feeling any more. Some of the songs are a bit "harder" than the ones on the last 7", but we didn't plan for that to happen. The faster songs kind of make the last 7" look slow. It really helped that we demo'd these songs for the Cycle of Violence tape because it broke up the song writing and allowed us to sit down and change a few things on those songs, and get a feel for how we wanted them to be recorded. Just before we recorded this we spent as much time as we could practicing a lot and getting it super tight.
These songs were all actually recorded for the most part in a pretty short amount of time, considering the fact that it is 17 songs. The whole thing would have been recorded in 3 days if I hadn't blown my voice with 5 songs to go. Thus, we had to come back a few days later and knock it out + gang vocals. Recording with Joe Mitra was once again a very pleasant experience as he kept us on top of our game, sounding good, and keeping us laughing the whole time too. With this record we were able to fine tune the recording elements that we weren't keen on with the 7". Joe was incredibly receptive to this and gave us an end product that we couldn't have been happier with.

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released June 1, 2009

Nicktape - Vocals
Jeremy Evans - Guitar
Jubert - Bass
Chris Moore - Drums



all rights reserved


Coke Bust Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: Under the Streetlights
A drug lord removed
A constricted supply
The prices will soar
But people need to get high
The incentive increases
So another steps up
Everyone loses
And the fight is corrupt

Killing each other
Sanctions for a civil war
Under the streetlights
Victims at mercy of the courts
Under the streetlights

The freest market
Our economy knows
Takes a toll on its people
And the bullet holes show
Job for the cops
Profits for the prison
A big fucking circle
And they just will not listen

You’ve created a market
You’ve done it yourself
You call the shots
That ring in the night
So I pledge my allegiance
And gaze at the flag
Liberty and justice
For bodies in bags?
Who are they kidding?
They know they can’t win
Continued oppression
Again and again
Track Name: Bullshit Copout
Taken such a strong, hard stance
Adopted values you can’t maintain
A self-congratulatory pat on the back
You put a tally next to your name
Avoid those who challenge you
Stick in your pack, observe from afar
Trivialize the other side
Build your straw-man on who you rely
Change the subject, pick your crowd
Advance yourself and shift the blame
You’re unchecked, march unquestioned
An army of cowards and you’re all the same
Bullshit Copout
And what else should I expect?
Track Name: New Blood
You’re out of touch, you’ve come and you’ve gone
You boss them around, it’s time to move on
Say what they want, do what they feel
A tear in the flesh, the new blood has spilled
“They never paid their fucking dues”
Reject them and they’ll turn on you
No respect for your rules or your ways
They don’t want a speech, don’t need your praise
Another new kid, a link in the chain
You’re getting older and things aren’t the same
New blood, you must accept
New blood, in your veins
New blood, no remorse
New blood, new brains
Track Name: White Island
Homogonized, sanitized
Live together, play together,
Work together, sleep together
It’s like you’re in a fucking cult
A microcosm of the world you avoid
I don’t buy your tolerance
Theorized benevolence
The surrounding community of where you live
Barely even sees your face
You’re living on an island while we regress
As you segregate
An incestuous circle completely sanitized
Track Name: Countdown to Death
I’m dying as I forge head-first into this suicide
I struggle to justify the days inside my mind
Another week in this life, another month of hell
Circled by vultures before I bid farewell
It’s getting worse- I got out of bed for this?
Chasing after all the wrong things
That I will never find
Hold my breath, blow the candles,
And I make a wish
To quietly ease my way out
And put an end to this
I take a look at my life and everyone I see
I’m just passing the time, this world is shit to me
I take a look in the mirror, and there’s no one there
A surrendered face and an empty stare
A fucking empty stare
Track Name: Your Hold
Running circles, shaking and squirming
Barely enduring
But I’ll break free of your hold
Holding me back, holding me down
Barely enduring
But I’ll break free of your hold
By myself I’ll break free of your hold
This mental anguish and inner struggle
Can’t be added up or quantified
You can keep your apologies,
Keep your severance
All I want is a fucking fight
Tied my fists, you’ve covered my moth
Held me down and shut me up
Something’s snapped, a part of me has died
I’m out of patience and I’ve had enough
Bruise-ridden bloodshot, damaged
But I’ll break free of your hold.
New wind, final stand
Break free of your hold
Track Name: Spit Out
I’ve seen the look on his face
When he walks through the door
Burnt and tired, uninspired
And he can’t take any more
Feed the hand that fucking bites
Setting these goals, making these plans
Closer to a life that I despise
Choke my life, grip my time
My future blurs into my demise
My future’s a window that’s just begging for a brick
Reject this life- I don’t want this fucking shit.
Track Name: Lines in the Sand
Getting tired of breaking my back
I’m easily appeased and quick to submit
Why should I explain myself to people
Who just don’t give a shit?
You crossed me, you’re an enemy
It’s over, we’re fucking through
Landlocked, but I’ve accepted this
My shrinking box is where I reside
This is my fucking territory
Now get the fuck back on your side
Lines all around me
Accept my fate, divide this land
Draw the lines in the sand
Track Name: Slave to Democracy
Sign the check, note what you’ve spent
Stretch your leg and slide a foot in the door
Terms and conditions, an economic mission
Invading other countries without declaring a war
In our pocket, a slave to democracy
Kept on their knees, a slave to democracy
Compounding interest only gets worse
Country starving while driven into debt
They fucking owe us so no we own them
They know who we are and we never forget
You’ve made them weak- your slaves
Kept in debt- slaves
No way out for your slaves
Track Name: Leave Me Behind
Moving around while you left your guard down
Like a slithering snake in the grass
Shifting your eyes, spitting out lies
I should have known better than that
Leave me behind
You’re lying, you’re thriving, status fucking climbing
Surpass me, whore me, go on and ignore me
I don’t want a part of this life
I’ll gladly opt to to lose your race
I refuse and want no part
I’ll live my life at at different pace
You’re dirty, you’re filthy
For a raise you’d fucking kill me
Deceiving, disgusting, always moving and readjusting
If that’s what it takes to get ahead…
Leave me behind
Track Name: No One to Impress
Eye to eye, neck to neck: social standing
Dog eat dog, tug of war: status ranking
I can see it in your eyes and I feel your desperation
I can smell it on your breath and I see you salivating
No one to impress
Just like the man with a suit and a tie
You’re getting a head and living a lie
You travel in packs, just the rats and
For any price you’d be stabbed in the back
Do the right thing, act the right way,
Keep everyone happy and watch what you say
I live my life with no one to impress.
Track Name: Division
Keep your feel-good rhetoric
Because I’ll never support your unity
Differences exist and they’re very fucking clear to me
How dare you chastise me for identifying with this label
Let’s quit the fucking games and let’s just call it as it is
I’m confident with my decision so just shut the fuck up
It’s already been made so we’ll call it as it is
I am who I am and I refuse to concede
Maybe these dividing lines are just what we need.
Track Name: Patriot
I am not a movie star, I am not a patriot
I’m not in the public eye; I want nothing to do with it
Freedom and liberty are sounding more like a lie to me
No respect for your rights or your privacy
Get out of my fucking life
Make my bed and tuck me in
Hope I have the American dream
Have somebody in a fucking suit
Watch me while I fall asleep
I am not a patriot
I want nothing to do with it
Track Name: Forced to Live
Circling the ring, fighting myself
Throwing the blows as I fuel my rebel
Close my eyes, rest my head
Grip my fists and hope I forget
Convincing myself of the things I need
Based on my peers and the things I see
Trapped in my cell, I just can’t forgive
I didn’t chose this, I’m forced to live
Forced to live.
Track Name: Dying for Respect
I see you dying for respect
Your insecurities are screaming
I invert everything you say to me
I can see right through it
Your shallow mask is growing old
I’ll judge you by your actions and ignore the rest
You didn't think I’d call your bluff
You thought you had me tricked
I can read you like a book
You’re so easy to predict
Enough, I have had enough.
Track Name: Cycle of Violence
Raised in a home with constant violence
Intimidating threats that ensure silence
He wants to tell but doesn’t know who
His future’s bleak, black, and blue
Trapped in a cycle of violence
He’s a mirror of his father’s life
Now he beats his kids and beats his wife
The cops get called and he gets pissed
His blood’s been boiling all night in jail
There’s no excuse for this
Youth without a chance
Running red in the family
Running blood fucking red
Trapped in a cycle of violence